TITLE:  The Hills are Alive I & II

Size:  8 x 24 x 1.5 each   

Colors:  Greens, Blues, Yellow, White.  Sides are painted Black.


Brushes & palette knife strokes make these hills really "come alive".  So many layers of luciousness.  These two long landscapes look great, individually - but also together as a long span for over a piece of furniture or a long soffet space!  Put them end to end and they're a perfect landscape for a 48 - 50 inch span.  Purchase one or both.


These were inspired by the green hills and landscape against the gorgeous blues of the open sky.  The Central Coast is a lot like Ireland, in that the lush vegetation and moist air make every color of nature, the richest it can be!


Paintings comes sealed and wired - ready to hang. Signed by the artist. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity with the title, date and signature.

The Hills Are Alive I & II

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